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LaRouche: Act Now To Stop
Imminent Fascist Coup in the U.S.A.

Oct. 11, 2011 (EIRNS)—In a discussion with associates Oct. 8, Lyndon LaRouche charged that forces backed by the British Empire are intent on carrying out their long-standing plan for a fascist coup d'etat against the United States. There are patriots within U.S. institutions who are currently fighting this push toward a police state, and leaking information about it, but what's required, LaRouche stressed, is an all-out fight to destroy the source of the threat, the imperial financial system.

The intention which has been detected, LaRouche said, is "to organize a Hitler-type coup in the U.S., now, as a precautionary measure, to offset the fact of the breakdown crisis of the transatlantic economic system." While President Barack Obama will be a leading part of this coup, people from both parties are involved, notably the Bush family and former Vice-President Dick Cheney. The apparatuses that were set up under the presidency of George H.W. Bush (1989-1993)—from private armies to intensive police-state surveillance—were interrupted under the Clinton presidency, but have since escalated, under the George W. Bush and Obama Administrations, to the point of posing an imminent threat.

Among the ominous indications recently made public is the existence of the hit-list for assassinations of Americans, used in the unconstitutional murder of American citizen al-Awlaki and another American in Yemen (cf. SAS 40/11). According to numerous leaks, senior government officials determine in secret who to place on a "hit list" of U.S. citizens to be eliminated, with no trial and no obligation to present proof of the charges.

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of California has also demanded explanations of the dramatic growth of private armies (contracted mercenaries) in Iraq and Afghanistan, under the Obama Administration. These go together with more "civilian" fascist measures, such as the set-up of the Super-Committee for budget cuts, and Obama's healthcare bill, which targets "useless eaters" for denial of care in the name of saving money.

LaRouche emphasized that the defeat of this planned coup must begin with the removal of Barack Obama from office, through either the launching of the impeachment process, or imposition of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Over recent days, the motion toward exposing Obama's potentially impeachable offenses has taken off:

  • Congress has subpoenaed emails from the White House and Obama personally, to look into corruption involved in Federal government funding of a bankrupt solar-panel company, Solyndra, owned by close supporters of the President.
  • Congress is calling for additional hearings into coverups by the Administration over a "gun-walking" program called Fast and Furious, which has resulted in the deaths of U.S. anti-drug agents by narco-terrorists. Two Congressmen have called for Attorney General Holder to resign over either his incompetence, or coverup.
  • Still under only verbal attack, but clearly potentially fodder for impeachment, are Obama's unconstitutional murder of al-Awlaki and his ongoing violation of the Constitution with the undeclared war on Libya.

The second step toward stopping the coup must be the immediate implementation of Glass-Steagall. This is not only a crucial financial measure, but an act vital to national security, by bankrupting the financial sector behind the fascist threat to the U.S.A.