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Obama Created Conditions
for Bestiality in Libya

Oct. 24, 2011 (EIRNS)—Mounting evidence that Qaddafi was executed emphasizes the necessity of investigation of how he died, and of how the regime-change attack was conducted, which puts Obama in the cross hairs of the investigation. The three sons of Qaddafi who were most active in security of the government have also been killed, in the interests of keeping secret Obama's complicity in the execution, since Qaddafi is said to have been promised that he would be allowed to leave, which indicates foreknowledge of his departure. This made the drone targetting of his convoy little more than target practice. Since Saif al-Islam has the most knowledge of these details leading up to the assassination of Qaddafi, of the remaining four sons of Qaddafi, he is at extreme risk.

A report by a reporter of globalpost.com, who was in Sirte when Qaddafi was executed, cites an eyewitness account of the execution. A rebel soldier, Adam Abu Zaid, said:

"When we arrived there we saw Gaddafi. They caught him and they put him in the road and we just kicked him and kicked him and after that a guy with a gun killed him with one shot to his head. After that they took the body and we put it in an ambulance."

The level of bestiality that has been unleashed by NATO backing for multiple militias and competing radical would-be Islamists, is an indication of how easy and how quickly Libya could come to resemble Somalia. If the country descends into this kind of chaos, this would greatly facilitate the strategic denial of Libya's oil resources to Asia, one of the great concerns of the British.

Videos are now circulating showing that Qaddafi was sodomized by someone, with a knife after he was captured. At the time of his capture, one of his bodyguards who was very darkskinned, was not only killed, but beheaded.

It was after these developments, that Obama celebrated Qaddafi's downfall, with his comments in the White House Rose Garden the day after Qaddafi was executed.

The coverup that the United States played second fiddle to the Europeans in the regime-change operation against Libya is a fiction. The initial heavy bombing runs by B1a and B2 bombers, plus the greatly expanded use of drones destroys that myth.

The first elements in the attack on Libya were attacks by B1a and B2 bombers with bunker-buster type ordinance, which knocked out any anti-aircraft defenses that Libya had. These attacks required a huge logistical undertaking: They had to be refueled four times in the air before they got to Libya. The B2s dumped their bombs, and returned immediately to the United States, again being refueled four times. The B1a craft landed in Europe, reloaded, made a second run on Libya, and then returned directly to the United States, with the same air-refueling procedure.

The Obama Administration's greatly increased use of drones in Libya is also coming to the fore. According to Pentagon spokesman George Little, Predators launched 145 strikes, beginning April 21, to 9 a.m. Central European Time on Oct. 20, the day Qaddafi's convoy was struck. It has been pointed out that that number is significantly more than twice the 57 drone strikes so far this year in Pakistan, which had been the center of the U.S. drone war, and significantly greater than the entire all-time-high of 117 drone strikes in Pakistan in 2010.By the time Tripoli fell, drones had dropped Hellfire missiles 92 times, in four months. In the two months after that, after Qaddafi had been toppled and was being sought, the pace was stepped up, and 52 more strikes took place.