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Dr. Hans Blix Tells EIR
There Is No Basis for Attacking Iran

Nov. 15, 2011 (EIRNS)—In an exclusive interview with Executive Intelligence Review today, Dr. Hans Blix, the former head of the IAEA, who later headed up the weapons inspections in Iraq prior to the Anglo-American invasion, strongly opposed any kind of military attack on Iran. Dr. Blix told EIR that any attack on Iran would be illegal, and that Iran "is not threatening anybody. They don't have a record of aggression or a record of expansion. They suffered horribly during a war with Iraq for a long time. So there is not any sign of aggression." Dr. Blix went on to warn of the "terrible consequences" of any military action against Iran, adding that any outside attack would drive the Iranians to go for a nuclear weapon, and would unify the country against foreign aggression, when it is now deeply divided politically.

Dr. Blix cited the case of North Korea, which has been offered guarantees "that they will not be attacked from the outside, and I think also, guarantees that there will be no subversion inside. Now, that has not, to my knowledge, been offered to the Iranians, and that would be an important element... Iran, too, that is treated as a pariah, and that was called part of the 'axis of evil,'— they would also feel a need for such assurances, not least after the U.S. had their aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf."

Dr. Blix expressed the strong belief that at some point, there must be an agreement that the entire Middle East region will be free of all weapons of mass destruction, although he acknowledged that under present circumstances, Israel will never allow such an agreement.