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Chinese Reaction to Obama:
Potential 'Disaster'

Nov. 23, 2011 (EIRNS)—"Creating a conflict between China and the U.S. could bring disaster on the world," one noted Chinese scholar in Beijing told EIR Nov. 21. "At a time when the world is sliding into economic crisis, it is a tragedy that Obama is not at the wheel in order to deal with it. Instead, he is at the wrong wheel, trying to create a conflict with China, in building an Asia version of NATO. Paul Kennedy says that 'overreaching' is the fundamental cause of the decline of any major power, but 'overreaching' is precisely what Obama is doing," the scholar said.

"Obama just doesn't understand what is taking place in China, the nature of the reforms. China is becoming more like the United States every day. We have a market economy, free trade, a space program, all taking after the U.S. This is not like the Cold War where you had completely different social systems. China is trying to realize a Chinese version of the American dream. China is more like the United States than it has ever been. So why this crazy policy?

"Furthermore, if the United States is successful, China remains the largest creditor of the United States. You want to put in these resources to kill your creditor? Obama is holding the American people hostage in order to go to war with China," Kennedy said. "Both Washington and the U.S. need new leadership. They should be working together. Not a G-2 exactly, but a close relationship together with others. Obama is committing a huge waste of American resources in this new policy. And if a conflict comes, both sides will crumble and bring the whole world with them."

Other scholars pointed out the rather toned-down nature of the reaction of the Chinese government to the Obama provocations. "People have seen all of this themselves," another scholar noted.

"It was widely covered in the media. The Chinese domestic situation is not so stable. This White House Asia-Pacific offensive feeds into people's nationalistic feelings, which can destabilize our cooperation. The government is clearly toning down any harsh rhetoric in order not to feed into these nationalist currents."