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'Draft Hillary' Movement Taking Shape
To Dump Obama Now

Nov. 29, 2011 (EIRNS)—In the short week since Pat Caddell and Doug Shoen wrote their "Hillary Moment" piece in the Wall Street Journal, it has grown to the second phase, with a "Draft Hillary" movement in the making. Caddell made this point in the closing minutes of his interview with ricochet.com, and in a second interview that day (Nov 27) on the Sean Hannity Show, by guest-host Mark Simone. (While the full interview is available only by subscription, snippets have been circulated widely on various blogs.) Caddell repeated his point that, while Obama could win, he could not govern. Meanwhile, co-author Doug Shoen was interviewed on FoxNews radio, where he made similar points, that the country was now "hopelessly divided," and that Hillary is a "unifier," and would easily win election.

In the second half of his ricochet.com interview, Caddell further disparaged Obama's character, saying that since announcing for re-election, Obama "has had 50 fundraisers where people pay $38,600 (or about) to get in," while he has had a grand total of four, "you can count them on one hand," for ordinary Americans.

"He has chosen the elitists, and the radical environmentalists — the kind who fly around in their own jets and then complain about other people's [carbon footprint]. This man doesn't know any Americans, he doesn't care about average Americans... This man has NO feel for the average worker, he has done NOTHING for African Americans... the criticisms are overwhelming."

In this light, the host mentioned that the intersection of what the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street actually agree on was "enormous," and that it really does come down to the phrase "crony capitalism." Caddell responded,

"It is Crony Capitalism, and it's rigging the rules for themselves, at the expense of ordinary people. And that's what's going on in Washington, in both parties... Why do you think Washington has the third-highest number of millionaires in the entire country? They're lobbyists and lawyers, and all they do is rig rules... And the country's had it. Remember that, in 1992, in a situation far less worse than this — or better than this — Ross Perot was leading both parties in the polls, something that'd never happened in American history! This, I keep saying, is a pre-revolutionary moment."

Host: You're an insider, is anyone telling him [Obama] this?"

Caddell: Nope. That's why this is so important. To send him a message. All White House's are myopic by nature, "but this is a cult there." What they think is — We can split the country, attack the weak Republicans, make the issue, spend a couple billion dollars doing it, and that they can win. "And nobody's going to tell him the truth, because they'd be out of there in a minute." That's the importance of [Draft Hillary], to break through the fog.

Host: What do you think is their goal?

Caddell: "Every American should ask this. If he's doing this, even while he's facing election, what do you think is going to happen afterward? He's already announced he's going to govern by fiat, and I don't think he cares what the [make-up of the] Congress is. He will do what he wants."

Caddell closed his remarks by repeating: "Draft Hillary! Draft Hillary!"

Listen to the full interview.