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How Hillary Was Set Up

Dec. 14, 2011 (EIRNS)—In the wake of the publicity given to Hillary Clinton's remarks on the Russian elections, Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement on Dec. 8, expressing concern that they have "been exploited to the effect of putting the possibility of avoiding a thermonuclear war into jeopardy."

Since then, qualified sources in Washington and Moscow have provided new details about how President Obama, in collusion with some of the worst enemies of Russia, set Clinton up. In the weeks leading into the recent Duma elections, former Soviet President and British agent Mikhail Gorbachov was in phone contact with Obama, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and National Democracy Institute chair Madeleine Albright. Within hours after the results were announced, Gorbachov denounced them and demanded new elections, triggering an international frenzy against Prime Minister Putin and United Russia.

Obama then ordered Clinton to issue a harsh condemnation, before she had any opportunity to speak with her counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The clear intent was to break a level of trust and candor that had been carefully developed by Clinton with Lavrov and other Russian leaders over the past three years.