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The British Hand Behind the
War Drive against Iran, and Beyond

Dec. 21, 2011 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche has reiterated his warning that the hand on the trigger of World War III does not belong to Israel, or even President Obama, but to the British financial oligarchy, including the monarchy.

Take the example of the recent convergence of U.S. and Israeli positions on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons capability. Over the past weeks, it has become clear that the U.S. is operating on the same assumption as the Israelis, that Iran supposedly already has the capability of assembling a bomb, and therefore has already crossed Israel's "red line" for a military strike. The most striking statement to this effect came from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Dec. 20, when he claimed Iran could have a bomb within a year—an evaluation that runs totally contrary to that of qualified U.S. intelligence sources.

But it would be wrong, LaRouche said, to consider Israel the chief factor in the shift in the U.S. position. Rather, the source of the problem lies in the fact that both the Israeli government, and Obama are tools of British strategy. One of the conduits for this policy, he noted, is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has indeed been shuttling back and forth between Israel and the United States, having "private meetings."lair is known to be fully behind a war confrontation with Iran—as he was with Iraq.

The British are also fully pushing a confrontation between NATO and Russia, both on matter of establishing ABM systems on Russia's borders, and against the Russian leadership itself, especially Prime Minister Putin. In standard fashion, as reflected in the longterm imperial mouthpiece The Economist, the British are demanding that the U.S. take the lead in challenging Russia and its defense of national sovereignty—to the point of provoking a possible thermonuclear confrontation.