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Obama Rushes Ahead with
Hitler-Style Enabling Act

Jan. 4, 2011 (EIRNS)—President Obama's accelerating drive toward totalitarianism has provoked a firestorm of protest in the United States, in particular, his signing of a defense bill authorizing the military to detain any U.S. citizen suspected of contact with terrorists, for an indefinite period of time and without a trial, should the President so order. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was immediately termed by Lyndon LaRouche "Obama's Enabling Law."

Other than LaRouche, Republican candidate Ron Paul is the only major political figure who has aggressively blasted Obama's policy, denouncing "the slip into tyranny." The President's view of his own expanded authority, Paul said, "should chill us to the core."

But political commentators, from all parts of the political spectrum, have finally begun to take off the gloves. Former CIA analyst Phil Giraldi, of the American Conservative, in a Dec. 29 column, compared Obama's actions to those which led to Hitler's dictatorship. Liberal commentator David Swanson documented on Jan. 2 how Obama's signing of the NDAA puts him in the same league as the British King George III to whom the U.S. Declaration of Independence was addressed.

No one is fooled by Obama's claims he won't intern Americans on suspicion of helping the "enemy," as the NDAA provides for in law. He's saying "trust me," and going ahead to put tyranny into law, only objecting to any infringement on the "flexibility" of his position.

What's missing in this response, of course, is the grit to listen to LaRouche: action to remove Obama now.

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