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War Danger Still Remains:
Watch for the Unexpected

Jan. 4, 2011 (EIRNS)—While the worldwide Christmas mobilization of the LaRouche movement against the threat of World War III undoubtedly helped catalyze international resistance to the war drive, particularly in U.S. military circles, the Empire's plan for war has not been called off. On the contrary, the collapse is driving its desperation.

There are a number of hotspots that could serve to trigger a war, which would almost inevitably lead to a world war pitting Russia and China against the NATO countries. Military intervention in Syria, or an attack on Iranian territory, possibly by Israel, appear to be the most likely triggers, but the detonation, LaRouche has cautioned, could also come from unexpected quarters. Tunnel vision in such a situation is very dangerous.

Indeed, over the past weeks, the Chinese and Russians have taken strong war-avoidance actions and issued very clear warnings, as well as proceeding with concrete military measures. However, at this point, the largest concentration of nuclear weapons in the world can be found in the eastern Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, on board British and American vessels, while the Iranian Navy is engaged in maneuvers.

In another sinister move, the Obama Administration has set up a secret committee to explore ways to aid the Syrian opposition. And officials of the Administration, as opposed to military leaders, have reiterated that no options are off the table concerning Iran.

Nonetheless, in a message for the New Year, LaRouche stressed that, in spite of the extreme danger, this is no time to panic.

"If you panic, you're lost. The only chance is to do something constructive and useful, to bring about what is necessary."

LaRouche then proceeded to lay out what that is, starting with removing the Empire's key pawn, Barack Obama, from office by Constitutional means.

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