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Former IAEA Inspector Sees
Déjà vu’ in Developing Case
against Iran Nuclear Program

March 4, 2012 (EIRNS)—In an exclusive interview in the March 9 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, Robert Kelley, former Chief Inspector the International Atomic Energy Association in Iraq during the 2002-2003 period, recounts the scandalous way in which incompetent accusations by one single low-level analyst were used to provoke the war against Iraq, and argued that the exact same method is being used today to justify war against the nation of Iran.

"When a country goes to war as the U.S. did in 2003 with disastrous results, there should be some lessons-learned on the table," Kelley told EIR's Michele Steinberg.

"It would appear there are no lessons-learned being used in the current hysteria. The most important is peer review. The accusations leveled against Iraq in the nuclear area in 2003 were largely from the mouth of one single low-level analyst in the U.S. He got far outside his competence, and made accusations that were shredded in peer reviews by far more competent people, yet his veiw bubbled to the top because the peers were muzzled, and his scary message was more welcome in high circles. The November 2012 IAEA Board Report [on Iran] looks like déjà vu....

"I think the Board of Governors should demand an investigation of the report and an independent review, line by line, of where that information was coming from, and why it was spun so heavily to one side."

Kelley has spoken out consistently against the current campaign, which is using the IAEA reports as evidence, against Iran. On Feb. 21, he joined with Dr. Hans Blix, the former Director General of the IAEA, and former chief of United Nations inspection commission, UNMOVIC, at the invitation of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). Speaking to the standing-room-only audience of Congressional staffers, diplomats, political officials, journalists, and activists, the two experts made clear that there is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapon, or a nuclear weapons program, and that war against Iran is unnecessary and will be a disaster for the region and the world. Both support the immediate return to diplomatic talks between Iran and concerned parties, especially, the United States.

Earlier, in a January 11, 2012 Bloomberg article entitled, "Nuclear Arms Charge Against Iran Is No Slam Dunk," Kelley, a nuclear engineer with over 30 years of experience in the field, questioned the evidence presented in the November 2011 IAEA report on Iran.

In his interview with EIR, Kelley provides an inside view of how the fraud of 2003 was conducted, and how this process is being replicated today. His evaluation is must reading for those who wish to avoid the danger of a thermonuclear world war III, which Lyndon LaRouche has warned is the intention of the British Empire.

A prepublication copy of the interview will be made available in the coming days.

Read the full interview.

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