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Israel Got 'Everything It Needs'
from British Puppet Obama
To Hit Iran

March 16, 2012 (EIRNS)—British puppet Barack Obama has given Israel "everything it needs, including bunker busters," to carry out the attack against Iran, reported a high-level U.S. intelligence source to EIR this week. Lack of refueling capability in the air and other logistical problems that Israel had in carrying out an attack that could actually take out Iran's nuclear sites, have been largely solved by Obama's three-year record of giving more advanced materiel and hardware to Israel than any other U.S. president in history, the source reported.

None of these deals was necessarily discussed or brought up during the meetings that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had with Obama and the Israeli lobby's AIPAC this week. Instead, these deals have been in the works for many months, and that fact makes the current soap opera over a March 8 report in the Israeli newspaper, Ma'ariv, irrelevant. Ma'ariv reported that the United States offered to give Israel advanced weaponry, including "bunker buster bombs and refueling planes," in return for a promise from Netanyahu not to attack Iran until 2013 (i.e., until after the Presidential election). The same day, White House press spokesman Jay Carney rushed out a twisted, evasive statement that didn't deny the deal, but smugly asserted that such an agreement did not come up at the Obama-Netanyahu meeting. Asked, How about the Defense Department, the National Security Council? "I would refer you other officials," Carney said. Other officials apparently were not reached, or did not respond to the press.

The comments from EIR's intelligence source were not made about the Ma'ariv article, but to contradict the hundreds of silly op eds, blog postings, and news articles that say that Obama stood up to Netanyahu over going to war with Iran. Obama did nothing to stop Netanyahu — Bibi left Washington with the exact same position he came here with: that Israel will not seek U.S. approval for an attack on Iran, and will strike when Israel [that is, when the British Empire] deems necessary. Only worse, EIR's source said, because of Obama's feeding of war materiel to Israel, Bibi's capability to hit Iran is far greater now.

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