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Obama's Behavior Shows
British War Game Is On

March 28, 2012 (EIRNS)—Despite the psychological warfare and "message control" fakery of much of the reported news from the Seoul, South Korea summit (including the famous "open mic" affair between Presidents Obama and Medvedev), no one should have any doubt the British manipulation of global war is on. The so-called "Asia pivot" of the Obama Administration came into clearer focus in the context of this British oligarchy-driven threat of war.

At a conference during the summit, the Obama Defense Department announced that the United States wants to build regional shields against ballistic missiles in both Asia and the Middle East, like the provocation to Russia being built in Europe. This was announced by Madelyn Creedon, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs. Creedon said the U.S. push for an Asian missile defense system includes two sets of trilateral talks—one with Japan and Australia, and the other with Japan and South Korea.

Only last week, in discussing the threat of the U.S. system to Russia, President Dmitri Medvedev had warned that China, too, is a target. However much the propaganda claim may be made that Obama's projected Asian ABM system is aimed at North Korean missiles, Chinese military leaders must assume—and act accordingly—that if such a widely based system functions, it could make a nuclear first strike by U.S. Pacific-based nuclear submarines more potent by degrading a Chinese second-strike response. At the conference, Riki Ellison, a well-known missile defense expert with Pentagon ties, warned that China "would take much more offense to an Asian phased adaptive approach than Russia is doing with the European one."

At the same conference, State Department representative Ellen Tauscher withdrew even the pretense of Obama's previous "offer" to share some classified information with the Russians to "reassure" them about the European ABM system; "We are not proposing to provide them [Russia] with classified information," Tauscher said.

On March 26, as the Seoul summit began, a Washington Post front-page feature revealed that the White House is greatly expanding the provocations of the U.S.-Australia military agreement made last November.

In addition to the expansion of the Darwin base on Australia's north coast for U.S. naval use and the basing of 2,500 Marines, and the new basing of U.S. Indian Ocean naval assets in Singapore, the Obama Administration and the Australian Gillard government now plan more. A new Australian base is to be developed at Brisbane, on Australia's East Coast, inviting basing by U.S. Pacific Fleet warships and submarines. A new base is to be developed at Perth, on the West Coast, for basing services to U.S. aircraft carriers, attack subs, and other warships. And an airfield is to be upgraded in the Australian Cocos Islands, south of Malaysia in the Indian Ocean, to accommodate U.S. "Global Hawk" drones and P8 surveillance aircraft.

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