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Theodorakis Issues Call for Unity of All
Patriotic Forces To Fight for Greece

May 16, 2012 (EIRNS)—The new Greek Resistance Movement led by Greek composer and freedom fighter Mikos Theodorakis, issued on May 13th a "Call For Unity Of Anti-Memorandum Forces." The call has not been translated into English so this is a very rough translation/paraphrase of excerpts:

The verdict of the elections was overwhelmingly against the hated memorandum and the parties who sold out Greek independence without a fight. He wrote, "The punishment was morally a final catalyst. That's because they dared to cross the red line of national independence, which ranks them collectively and finally as pariahs in the national life."

Theodorakis writes that now is the time for all Greeks to make the existential decision that their ancestors had so many times made, "Freedom or Death."

He called for the unity of the anti-memorandum forces behind a

"a single red line, against which we should unite ourselves under fire."

"It is obvious that from the opposite side we are dealing with powerful complex of forces, local and foreign, which we must oppose by the unity and cooperation of political forces who will be able to express, inspire and motivate our people. Our only weapon is a united, informed, determined and organized people. With these conditions Victory is possible. That conquest of governmental authority which requires us to consult jointly on an integrated program of power. These are anti-memorandum forces: KKE, SYRIZA, Democratic Left and the Independent Greeks. The combination of these four parties in a common front is sure to inspire and mobilize our people to the maximum degree.

"I suggest setting up a Social Patriotic Front in the near future, because events are racing, and I will await their decisions."

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