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Argentina To Take Lead
against Green Fascism

May 22, 2012 (EIRNS)—At the upcoming June 20-22 summit of the "Rio+20" environmental summit in Rio de Janeiro, Argentina "will say 'No' to the Green Economy," said Silvia Revora, Undersecretary of Planning for Environmental Affairs of Argentina's Environment Ministry, speaking May 18 following a conference of "Youth for a Sustainable Environment" in Buenos Aires. At the conference, many youth groups, legislators, and government officials discussed Argentina's anti-Malthusian position going into the Rio summit in late June. Among the sponsors of the conference was the Office of the President.

Two days before this conference, environment ministers of the Mercosur nations (Common Market of the South) met in Buenos Aires and issued a document with a similar focus, expressing their unified stance for the summit. The youth conference's final document will also be incorporated into Argentina's official position for the Rio summit.

The document's first point unequivocally asserts that "we conceive of the environment not just as protection of our natural patrimony, or the result of the relationship between society and nature, but rather, fundamentally, as the right of all Argentine men and women to a quality of life that can only be attained if the State is the guarantor of the public interest, through measures that achieve a greater social and environmental equality" [emphasis added].

While the London-centered genocide crowd is carrying out an international blitz in preparation for Rio+20, including calls for reducing consumption and population, organizers for the conference apparently do not expect governments to sign a new treaty, but seek to concentrate instead on brainwashing and blackmail as a means of implementing their genocidal Malthusian agenda.

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