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Russia's Lavrov Challenges
the West on Syria

Aug. 15, 2012 (EIRNS)—During an Aug. 15 visit to Belarus, in which he was celebrating the 20 year anniversary of relations between Russia and that nation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had harsh words for the U.S. States government on the question of Syria.

According to Reuters, he said Russia would not let Western powers "sabotage" the political transition accord to end the escalating conflict in Syria that was reached in Geneva at the end of June. He accused the Western states of fomenting violence by openly supporting the armed opposition.

At a news conference in the Belarus capital Minsk, he said:

"We remain convinced that what was achieved in Geneva should not be sabotaged. We will be demanding in the next few days a clear answer from our partners on whether they confirm what they signed in Geneva."

"And if so, then why don't they take any measures to execute that plan?"

Lavrov and other Russian spokesmen have repeatedly pointed out that the West, and its Gulf partners, have actually been encouraging the violence by arming the opposition. Yet the Western nations, especially through Obama's UN Ambassador Susan Rice, have continued to insist upon Syrian President Bashar Assad's removal, and to demand that Russia abandon support for Syria's national sovereignty, and join in the regime-change campaign.

Since Russia is not going to make that change, the question left open is: Will the Obama Administration press forward toward a thermonuclear confrontation?

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