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Israeli Editor Points to Obama Role
behind Netanyahu's Planned Iran Attack

Aug. 21, 2012 (EIRNS)—In an interview with Leon Hadar, published in The National Interest of today, the editor of the Israeli paper Ha'aretz, the leading Israeli press outlet campaigning against an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran, contradicts the traditional line that President Barack Obama opposes such a strike, and points to his leading role.

Hadar writes:

" 'The conventional wisdom is that President Obama is opposed to an Israeli attack,' Benn told me when we met in his office in Tel Aviv on Sunday. 'But Obama has refrained from vetoing an Israeli action or threatening such a move with sanctions if Israel acts.'

'I believe that this is another example of Obama leading from behind, counting on Israel to do in Iran what the Brits and the French did in Libya.'

As Benn implies, Obama's claim to be "leading from behind" in the Libya war, was simply a subterfuge for his initiating role in that act of aggression, which violated the United Nations charter and the U.S. Constitution.

Lyndon LaRouche added today:

"Yes. It is my expressed opinion, based upon information I've received and a deep understanding of the mental problems of Obama, that the whole idea of an Israeli attack on Iran is Obama's idea, and not something which originated in Israel.

"It is being pressed by Obama now, out of his rage that he could not get an invasion of Syria to occur immediately after the death of Qaddafi. And it was Obama who ordered Qaddafi's murder."

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