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End Obama's Alliance with the Assassins of Benghazi:

Don't Let the Administration
Continue the Coverup!

Jan. 20, 2013 (EIRNS)—On the eve of hearings in both the House and Senate this coming week, in which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will finally appear to testify on the circumstances surrounding the events of Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama Administration continues to obfuscate and intentionally mislead, in an attempt to extend its ongoing coverup and prevent the truth from being revealed about who is ultimately responsible for the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

Representatives of Executive Intelligence Review were informed this week, during the course of meetings conducted with the offices of members of the Foreign Affairs Committee, that the State Department had sent Patrick Kennedy to Capitol Hill to conduct a staff briefing on Benghazi which one can assume was intended as a preparatory background briefing to shape the content of next week's hearings. The content of the briefing was reportedly limited to merely the narrow "security recommendations" and technical details of the attack itself that were the subject of the Accountability Review Board report, which narrowed the scope of its investigation to the exclusion of addressing the broader policy decisions taken by the Obama Administration which led to the deadly Benghazi attack.

If this briefing was intended to sketch the parameters of what would be considered approved question topics for Secretary Clinton—to encourage "softball" questions and to discourage substantive inquiry—it represents nothing other than an intentional extension of the ongoing, months-long coverup behind the truth of the 9/11 attack. Any attempt by the Obama administration now to continue to peddle the "security recommendations" narrative must be seen for what it is: a continued misdirection of the American people's attention from the ugly elephant in the room, which is nothing less than that Obama allied with and actively armed and supported the very al-Qaeda terrorists which killed Ambassador Stevens, and continues to do so to this present day.

Executive Intelligence Review has circulated a fact sheet among Congressional offices on Capitol Hill over the past several weeks leading into Secretary Clinton's testimony. The fact sheet, prepared by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee and titled "Is the Obama Administration Allied with Al Qaeda in Libya & Syria?" documents undeniably that the decision by the Obama White House to ally with and arm known terrorists in Libya for the purpose of carrying out the Tony Blair regime-change policy of toppling (and killing) Qaddafi, was directly responsible for creating the conditions which led to 9/11. That fact sheet conclusively proves not only that Obama was knowingly in alliance with none other than al-Qaeda in Libya (even while he boasted about the killing of Osama bin Laden), but that even following the death of Ambassador Stevens, he has continued this policy, both inside Libya, and now extending it into Syria and beyond.

During the hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee on Dec. 20, 2012, some questions were raised that effectively pointed in the direction of this issue. However, the general response to those questions from the Administration was, and continues to be, one of stonewalling and coverup. Even in recent days, events in the real world expose the deadly consequences of allowing this Obama coverup to continue, such as in Mali—in which arms supplied by Obama through Qatar to the rebels in Libya have reportedly found their way into the hands of al-Qaeda fighters in Mali—or as in Algeria, where al-Qaeda in the Maghreb staged a dramatic hostage-taking terrorist attack, led by Mokhtar bel Mokhtar, a known ally of the forces complicit in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens. He is also a known ally of Wisam bin Hamid, the head of Libya Shield, upon whom the Obama Administration relies for security in Benghazi.

This coverup must end now. The LaRouche PAC fact sheet ends with a section titled "Policy Questions To Be Asked by Congressional Investigators," detailing the actual questions which must be addressed in order for the truth about Benghazi to be revealed. To pull the thread of what happened in Benghazi, would be to unravel the entire fabric of Obama's alliance with al-Qaeda, which in fact represents the instrument of a British-Saudi imperial alliance and its global strategy of destruction of national sovereignty and the ignition of world war. Congress must have the courage to ask these questions.

Any acceptance of the attempt to merely focus attention on technical security measures and future safety recommendations, ignores the fact that, no matter how effective the security precautions may be, if the enemy is "inside the building," as State Department Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom put it in hearings on Oct. 10, 2012, there is no security. This is what must be addressed during the hearings with Secretary Clinton this week, as also in the cabinet confirmation hearings which are to follow. Anything less would be a fraud.