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EIR Issues Updated Report on 9/11-Two

Jan. 31, 2013 (EIRNS)—A new, updated edition of EIR's October 2012 Special Report, "Obama's War on America: 9/11 Two," was released today, as an urgent intervention into the ongoing strategic crisis being created by the British/Saudi/Obama alliance that brought about the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi, and the subsequent explosion of jihadist uprisings throughout Africa and the Arab world.

The new edition provides the reader with additional crucial documents on the 9/11 assault in Benghazi, including Lyndon LaRouche PAC's Fact Sheet on Obama's alliance with al-Qaeda, Lyndon LaRouche PAC's draft questions for Congress, and the transcript of the pre-election press conference held by Lyndon LaRouche and Jeffrey Steinberg on the impeachable crimes of Barack Obama. With that transcript there are highly significant facsimiles of official documents, which further indict the Administration for negligence and de facto complicity with the jihadists.

The essential background on 9/11-One, the historical alliance between the British Empire and the Saudis, and the earlier evidence of the Obama/al-Qaeda collusion in Libya, are included.

The updated report can be purchased at www.larouchepub.com, for $100, either in hard copy or electronic form.