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Russian Foreign Ministry Insists,
No No-Fly Zone over Syria;
The Issue in Syria Is World War III

June 17, 2013 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, pouring a bucket of cold water on President Obama's plans to create an air exclusion zone over Syria—a preparatory measure prior to an armed intervention—told a media briefing today that Russia will not allow creation of a no-fly zone over Syria.

Lukashevich's statement, along with other Russian responses to the U.S. declaration that it will begin arming the rebels, underscores the accuracy of Lyndon LaRouche's evaluation of the implications of Obama's decision: We're not talking about chemical weapons; we're talking about World War III.

"We will not allow this scenario. Such maneuvers and arguments are a direct consequence of disrespect for international law...," Lukashevich said.

"We saw with the example of Libya how such a zone is introduced and how such decisions are implemented. We do not want a repeat of this in respect to the Syria conflict. I think that we will not permit in principle such a scenario."

Lukashevich said this on the same day the International Red Cross told the Russian Academy of Sciences that it had found no hard evidence of the use of chemicals in Syria.

Robert Mardini, Head of Operations for the Near and Middle East, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), told the Russian Academy of Sciences at a conference today that the Red Cross had no hard evidence that could prove either party in the Syrian conflict had used chemical weapons against their enemies. He added ICRC volunteers had access to almost every Syrian region and vowed the Red Cross would raise this issue, should any proof of a chemical war emerge.