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The British Solution to the World
Food Shortage: Eat One-Third Less

July 29, 2013 (EIRNS)—The head of the British government-funded Global Food Security group in U.K., Tim Benton (Leeds Univerity), warned that food would become "the fundamental issue of the next half-century," and that wars in the future would be fought over water and access to land for crops, as countries battle it out to feed their growing populations.

According to a report due out later this Summer, as reported by today's Daily Telegraph, Benton said it was no longer good enough for Ministers in the U.K. to think exclusively of ways the country could produce more food, through initiatives such as genetic modification; the government has to work harder on the "demand" side. In a report seen by the Daily Telegraph, Benton said calorie intake should ideally fall by a third! Portions and offerings must be cut. Supermarkets should cut pack sizes. They should ban buy-one-get-one-free promotions. Restaurants should serve smaller portions.

Other than jacking up the food prices to prevent people from buying the required amount, Benton also said governments needed to work more on demand—and specifically the problem of the food wasted in the West. "A lot of the discussion on food security in the U.K. has so far concentrated on the supply side, but as time goes on it becomes increasingly difficult to grow enough to meet demand," he told the Telegraph.

While there is no question that food production, by raising productivity, can be increased multifold, why is Benton saying that we could not meet the requirement? It is because the Global Food Security (GFS) group is one of the outfits that has stacked its Strategy Advisory Board with major power players in the food area such as Oxfam, Sainsbury and Unilever, to further the imperial objective of depopulation. GFS is funded outright by the British government, with the U.K. Chief Scientific Officer, Sir John Beddington, personally on the GFS Board. All these people assert that the Earth is overpopulated. They put forward various measures that could reduce burdensome, excess population, by getting rid of useless eaters.

Sir John Beddington, and the British government are hyperactive on this in their own name right now, since the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference was such a relative flop as an international con job.

Beginning Sept. 29, there will be the first-ever "International Global Food Conference" in The Netherlands, at which Beddington will be a plenary speaker. Among the conference funders are Monsanto and Unilever.

On June 4, a report was issued by a British House of Commons International Development Commission, calling for reduction in demand for food—in particular, that people should eat far less meat, and this would free up some scarce food for the hungry and deprived. "The rate of increaes in global meat consumption is unsustainable..."

The report was titled, "Global Food Security," and contains testimony fron Sir John Beddington and his ilk. The document was released a week before the G8 London meeting, and on the eve of a London food summit, led by Bill Gates and David Cameron, at which representatives from 27 nations came as window dressing. Cameron lauded his new campaign, "Enough Food for Everyone IF" [sic], which is now operating through 200 British and Ireland-based NGOs.

The gist of their message in all this? Don't have so much biofuels. Don't waste food. Don't be fat. Share the scarcity. Save the planet—by dying off in mass numbers.