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Muslim Brotherhood Counts on Obama,
British To Move Against Egypt's Al-Sisi

July 29, 2013 (EIRNS)—Following the successful mobilization by the interim Egyptian government to counter the plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to unleash a wave of terrorism and assassinations, there has been continuous fighting sparked by MB gangs.

According to a well-informed Egyptian analyst, the British Empire-created Muslim Brotherhood's strategy is now to maximize the number of arrests, injuries and deaths by carrying out violent street attacks in order to than hoist the "bloody shirt" of human rights violations.

Lyndon LaRouche concurred: "The Saudi-British created Muslim Brotherhood is on a suicide march," he commented today.

"The Muslim Brotherhood has lost politically, and they are just sending their members into the streets" as cannon fodder, the Egyptian analyst said, July 28. "The Brotherhood is playing to the international community, not to the Egyptian people," he added, noting that the MB is banking on the Obama administration and other international players to label the Al-Sisi government as a coup and begin a process similar to the Anglo-Saudi-Qatar- Obama attacks on Syria.

The analyst reported that leading members of the MB who have not been arrested are still in the country, and that MB leaders who are not officially charged with crimes are refusing to discuss any political transition with the current government.

The Egyptian source said the Brotherhood is deliberately sending its members to arrest and slaughter. They are armed and instructed to conduct such operations such as to set fire to police and military installations.