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Bank-Enforcer Keating's 'Longevity Index'
Was Also Promoted by Peter Orszag

Oct. 14, 2013 (EIRNS)—When "Republican" American Bankers Association head Frank Keating pitched his murderous "longevity index" plan to the Senate Banking Committee last week, he knew the Obama Administration would be a receptive audience.

Peter Orszag, President Obama's first-term budget director, turns out to be a promoter of the "longevity index," the Nazi-like proposal that penalizes American seniors for living too long. In 2003, Orszag co-authored a book with Peter A. Diamond on Social Security for the Brookings Institution, which advocated reducing Social Security benefits in a manner correlated within increasing life expectancy for Americans. Sort of collective punishment for seniors, for the offense of living too long — which Keating complained of, in his Oct. 10 Senate testimony.

Orszag was of course also a leading architect of the Nazi cost-cutting provisions of Obamacare. The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB — often characterized as Obamacare's "death panel") was one of Orszag's inventions. This, as is the entirety of Obamacare, is based on Orszag's insistence on "bending the cost curve," and that in particular, medical treatment should be subject to "comparative effectiveness research," a system which measures effectiveness by statistical cost-benefit analysis, i.e. how many "Quality Adjusted Life Years" are provided by any particular treatment.

This is what LaRouche and EIR have, for the past four years, denounced as corresponding precisely to the Nazi's T-4 program of saving money by terminating those "lives not worthy to be lived."