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The Empire Accelerates Its China-Bashing,
While Destabilization Wave Is Launched Across Asia

Dec. 27, 2013 (EIRNS)—As the Eurasian nations are increasingly consolidating a united offensive for development in the face of the collapsing western empire, a new phase of China-bashing is being unleashed by the oligarchy, coupled with destabilizing operations wherever possible across Eurasia.

As a signal piece for this new offensive, the Washington Post's Anne Applebaum, whose graduate degrees came from the London School of Economics and St. Antony's College, Oxford, and who is married to the Polish Foreign Minister, published a piece in the Dec. 26 Post titled: "China and Russia bring back Cold War tactics," warning the Western nations that both Russia and China are on the offensive, threatening Western power, western alliances, and western ideology.

China and Russia, writes Applebaum, are "engaged in an ideological struggle with us," and have "set out to undermine our longtime alliance structures in Europe and Asia." In fact, what Applebaum won't admit, is that the Chinese and Russians have continually offered collaboration, on both joint defense and economic development, to the U.S., but, faced with the more aggressive military stance by the U.S., NATO, and their allies in Asia, are forced to take defensive measures.

On Russia, Applebaum even went so far as to claim that Russia "bought" Ukraine away from the EU free-trade deal, which she said "would eventually have made Ukraine better governed, more prosperous, and less accessible to corrupt Russian businesses." In fact, the EU deal would impose new levels of austerity on Ukraine, and further strip its already devastated industrial base.

Meanwhile, Britain's Reuters news service recently completed a multi-part series on the theme: "China's Hawks Take the Offensive," warning of China's global imperial ambitions, with the included argument that all China's advances in military technology, space technology, and nuclear power derive from sophisticated theft from the U.S. and Europe.

It should be noted that while Thailand is being ripped apart by the (British-directed) Royalist thugs, Cambodia is also being threatened by George Soros-funded operations through the notorious French banker Sam Rainsy, trying to bring down the Hun Sen government through protests against the last election and labor strikes. Both nations have worked closely with China to bring major development projects into the region.