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Obama Slammed on Ukraine
Lies, War Provocations

Feb. 21, 2014 (EIRNS)—In an op-ed published in yesterday's issue of Counterpunch, "Is Ukraine Drifting Toward Civil War and Great Power Confrontation?" former Reagan Administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts warns again against the Ukraine provocations leading to thermonuclear World War III. He singles out the neoconservative ideology driving those provocations, evidenced in the insane behavior of the State Department's Victoria Nuland.

Roberts has also exposed the neo-Nazi nature of the opposition, which has been almost entirely covered up in the media of the trans-Atlantic region, with their talk of "peaceful protesters." What the West, emphatically including Barack Obama, is succeeding in doing, is facilitating a fascist putsch on the border of Russia—a surefire recipe for thermonuclear confrontation in the short-term.

In Western Ukraine, Roberts warns, "a mixture of witless university students, pawns in Washington's drive for world hegemony, together with paid protesters and fascistic elements among ultra-nationalists are bringing great troubles upon Ukraine and perhaps a deadly war upon the world." "All the monies that protesters are paid by the U.S. and EU will soon be given back manyfold as Ukraine is 'adjusted' by Western looting," Roberts adds.

The intent of Victoria Nuland's blatant intervention, he said, is to place Ukraine "in the hands of the IMF so it can be looted like Latvia, Greece and every country that ever had an IMF structural adjustment program." And, he notes, "whatever their intention, Secretary of State John Kerry's provocative statements are raising tensions and fomenting war."

Roberts cautions that, should Washington succeed in overthrowing the Ukrainian government, will cause Ukraine's eastern and southern provinces to secede.

"If secession becomes a civil war instead of a peaceful divorce, Russia would not be able to sit on the sidelines. As the Washington warmongers would be backing western Ukraine, the two nuclear powers would be thrown into military conflict."