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Insane Obama Issues More Threats
Against Russia

March 12, 2014 (EIRNS)—Barack Obama's statements following his meeting with the Nazi-backed rump Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on March 12 are further evidence that the US president must be removed from office now. As a Lyndon LaRouche PAC press release stated on March 6, "With his dictatorial and baseless declaration of 'National Emergency' today, Barack Obama has put himself in a state of 'pre-impeachment.' And with his actions, he is trying to provoke a thermonuclear confrontation, that means World War III." In that release LaRouche said, "There is no evidence to support the assertion that the current government of Ukraine is legitimate," yet on March 12, Obama went further in demanding that Congress approve massive aid, including a $1 billion in loan guarantees, to the Yatsenyuk putschists.

Following an Oval Office meeting where Yatsenyuk met Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama gave a press statement openly threatening Russian President Vladimir Putin for opposing the Ukrainian coup. Obama claims that

"The most pressing challenge that Ukraine faces at the moment, however, is the threat to its territorial integrity and its sovereignty.

"We have been very clear that we consider the Russian incursion into Crimea outside of its bases to be a violation of international law, of international agreements, of which Russia is a signatory, and a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. And we have been very firm in saying that we will stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in ensuring that that territorial integrity and and sovereignty is maintained...."

Dismissing the "historic ties between Russia and Ukraine," Obama warned, "But what the prime minister [Yatsenyuk] I think has rightly insisted on is they cannot have a country outside of Ukraine dictate to them how they should arrange their affairs, and that there is a constitutional process in place and a set of elections that they can move forward on that in fact could lead to different arrangements over time with the Crimean region. But that is not something that can be done with the barrel of a gun pointed at you.

"And so Secretary Kerry is in communications with the Russian government and has offered to try to explore with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Lavrov, a diplomatic solution to this crisis....

"But we will continue to say to the Russian government, that if it continues on the path that it is on, then not only us, but the international community, the European Union, and others will be forced to apply a cost to Russia's violations of international law and its encroachments on Ukraine. (emphasis added)"

Talking to reporters after Obama, Yatsenyuk said that "Ukraine will never surrender," and buoyed by Obama's threats, added, "It is absolutely unacceptable to have Russian boots on the Ukrainian ground in the 21st century, violating all international deals and treaties."

Ironically, all this was occurring as Russia invited Ukrainian planes to fly over Russian territory under the "Open Skies" international standards to observe for themselves that there was no amassing of Russian troops for invasion as has been hysterically alleged in Ukrainian and western press. (see separate slug)

Also on March 12, the State Department issued a "Fact Sheet" from the Executive Branch announcing pro-Ukrainian initiatives from the State Dept., Department of Defense, Commerce Department, Treasury Dept., and other sub-agencies. First and foremost, the State Department will "double" the amount of assistance that it is giving to stack the Ukrainian elections.

Beneath the rhetoric is another level of planning being done to "punish" Putin and Russia, reported the New York Times on March 11. There are ongoing intense White House discussions about "when" Obama should wield all the executive power that he has that could "badly damage the Russian economy," aid that Times. The strongest advocates of this "punish" strategy are Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the ambassador to Ukraine, and Daniel Fried, the State Dept. coordinator of sanctions.

However, as in Germany and other European countries, there is significant opposition to these economic measures that could seriously harm the global economy, the New York Times says.