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Aussie China-Hand Hugh White Calls for U.S. War on China

March 19, 2014 (EIRNS)—Australian National University professor Hugh White, who, while posing as an advocate of cooperation and engagement, has promoted a western military mobilization to confront China, has let it all out in a New York Times op-ed today which lays out his scenario for a U.S. war on China. The Oxford-trained former Deputy Secretary of Defence of Australia authored a White Paper in 2000 calling for a build-up of air and sea forces and expanded missile defense around China, followed by "negotiating" with Beijing for a new balance of power — which he explicitly models on Britain’s 1815 Congress of Vienna.

White’s op-ed states:

"A new Asian security arrangement could be forged in which America concedes a larger share of leadership to China but remains engaged to balance and limit Chinese power and help uphold key norms — including the all-important norm against the use or threat of force to settle disputes.... America should be willing to fight China to protect that norm. This makes Washington’s choice a little clearer."

Since China, confronted by Obama’s Air-Sea Battle first strike policy, has refused to back down to the phoney "anti-access/area-denial’ (A2AD, in neo-con language) doctrine, whereby China’s defense of it’s territorial claims in the waters surrounding the country is described as a security threat to the U.S., White’s proposal is a blueprint for full-scale war on China, easily provoked by any attempt (by Japan, the Philippines, or others) to assert claims over islands in the region, or even by China’s refusal to give up the right to use force in regard to Taiwan, Tibet, or elsewhere.

Writes White: "If China persists in threatening the use of force, then America should be willing to fight, and must say so clearly."

If this leaves any doubt that he speaks for the Empire’s intention to wage world war, the same Hugh White wrote in The Age just yesterday, in an article titled "Europeans must draw a line in the sand for Vladimir Putin," that "President Vladimir Putin has defied the principles of international order on which post-Cold-War Europe was supposed to be built," and that Europe must "draw the line beyond which they will not allow Russia to use force to build its influence.... Drawing that line means deciding to fight the Russians if they cross it."