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Vitrenko Appeals to West To Stop Neo-Nazi Assault on Ukraine

April 7, 2014 (EIRNS)—On April 5, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) leader Natalia Vitrenko issued a new appeal to U.S. and European leaders, addressed to them as "protectors of the Ukrainian regime." Reminding them that power had been seized in Ukraine by "armed neo-Nazi terrorists, the incitement and support of whom is on your conscience, in violation of all the norms of international and national law."

Vitrenko charged that "citizens who don’t accept Nazism, want to speak their native language, and do not want to go to war with Russia," are being unjustly labeled as "separatists" and a "fifth column" by the coup-government and the media. She said that political activists are being jailed or put under house arrest, based on unverified accusations. Among them is the PSPU regional leader in Kharkov, Alexander Kharitonov, who was arrested and taken to Kiev several weeks ago. His family has been prevented from seeing him.

A day earlier, Vitrenko and other leaders of the National Resistance Front against the Eurocolonization of Ukraine issued a call to boycott the Presidential elections, scheduled for May 25. They said that the current authorities have no legitimacy, and that the election is illegal and is being staged to justify the "neo-Nazi putsch" that took place in February.

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