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LaRouche PAC Ad Hits Washington: Impeach Obama To Stop ‘War of Extinction’

April 9, 2014 (EIRNS)—“Unless President Barack Obama is removed from office now, the world is facing the imminent threat of global thermonuclear war,” reads the headline of LaRouchePAC’s “wraparound” ad in the April 9 edition of the Washington Times, a newspaper delivered to every office in Congress. In addition to a frontpage text (see below), the ad features a full-page picture of Obama’s head in a thermonuclear mushroom cloud, and a series of quotes from notables warning of the danger of staging a confrontation with Russia.

The further text reads as follows:

“The only threat of such a war comes from the onrushing collapse of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, signaled by the adoption of the bail-in policy for looting depositors funds to pay off the unpayable gambling debts of London and Wall Street too-big-to-fail banks. President Obama signed bail-in into law with Dodd-Frank and now the European Union has adopted bail-in as their policy as well. Obama is a tool of those oligarchical financier interests and they are committed to provoking war against both Russia and China before their entire financial systems collapses. That collapse can occur at any moment and therefore, Obama is pushing every opportunity to provoke war now.

“Not only did Obama promote the overthrow of a legitimately elected government in Ukraine only to install a hardcore neo-Nazi apparatus in power there. He and his European allies and neocon partners like Victoria Nuland took these actions, knowing full well that Russia has vital strategic interests in Crimea, including their only naval base with access to the Mediterranean. Had Russia capitulated, the drive for war would have intensified. And now, Obama Administration officials are promoting the same kind of confrontation with China, as made clear by recent Congressional testimony by Daniel Russel, in which he openly threatened China with the Ukraine treatment.

“The reason that President Obama must be immediately removed from office is that he is driving the world to the brink of thermonuclear war, as many leading American and European strategists have been warning for weeks and months. Whatsmore, Obama has committed a series of high crimes and misdemeanors that pass the clear Constitutional standards for impeachment. He went to war in Libya without Congressional authorization. He has ordered the assassinations of American citizens without due process. He threatens the lives of millions of Americans with his Obamacare swindle, created by and for the big medical insurance companies. He has spied on American citizens through a range of NSA programs that are still only partially disclosed. In his last State of the Union address, he openly boasted that he intended to rule by executive decree, ignoring Congress and the courts. Any one of these crimes is cause for impeachment. He has done them all.

“Now, it comes down to a very direct question: Will you, the American people and the U.S. Congress, sit by as President Obama drives the world to a war of extermination on behalf of his London and Wall Street owners? Do we still have the moral fitness to survive?”