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Former BIS Official Sees a Bank Crash Coming

April 14, 2014 (EIRNS)—Former BIS chief economist William White sees a bank crash coming, in an interview published today by the Swiss financial paper Finanz und Wirtschaft, and headlined "I see the same price bubbles as in 2007."

White, an American economist now resident in Texas, says,

"No one has ever seen anything like this. Not even during the Great Depression in the Thirties has monetary policy been this loose. And if you look at the details of what these central banks are doing, it's all very experimental. They are making it up as they go along. I am very worried about any kind of policies that have that nature."

White told Finanz und Wirtschaft that the fundamental problem is debt, not government but rather private debt held by banks and other financial institutions which is non-performing and/or impaired. It is being "evergreened‚" [extended at full book value] by the banks, he says, with the aid of the central banks' money-printing. That debt has to be written off, and it is governments' responsibility to act, not central banks.

"It all looks and feels like 2007," White says. "And frankly, I think it's worse than 2007, because then, it was a problem of the developed economies. But in the past five years, all the emerging economies have imported our ultra-low policy rates and have seen their debt levels rise. The emerging economies have morphed from being a part of the solution to being a part of the problem."