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Lyndon LaRouche Tells Russian Media: Oust Obama to Stop Global War Threat

April 15, 2014 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche gave a 12 minute telephone interview to RIA Novosti's Lyudmila Chernova April 16, in which the correspondent asked questions about a Foreign Policy article on April 10 by Column Lynch, entitled, "Exclusive: UN Hints Russia and Its Allies Rigged Crimea" Secession Vote‚" which cited a UN draft report making that very claim.

In every answer, LaRouche hammered on the danger of a British Empire-instigated global thermonuclear war, and the necessity not to react to propaganda and provocations as local phenomena. In his subsequent remarks about the interview in discussion the LPAC Policy Committee, Mr. LaRouche said that "indicated the emphasis has to be placed on the fact that if Obama were removed from office, there would be probably no danger of a thermonuclear war."

In the interview he said, "What I'm doing myself, is trying to deal with this thing from inside the United States, and for me, it's very important that I do things, inside the United States, in order to try to get this monster, Obama, under control. If Obama were pulled out of office, this would stop! All we would have to do, is pull President Obama, the British stooge, throw him out of office—and we can impeach him. By impeaching Obama, this whole thing would break down, and that's what I'm concentrating on."

Ria Novosti published a short summary of LaRouche's comments later in the day, under the title "OPINION: UN Report Claiming Russia Rigged Crimea Referendum is Propaganda Fraud."