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Putin Slams Ukraine Fascists’ Crime Against the People

April 24, 2014 (EIRNS)—Speaking today at a Media Forum of Independent Regional and Local Media organized by the Russian Popular Front, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin said:

"If this is indeed happening, and strange as it may seem, I have found out about it from the media, just like you—I only just got this information when I arrived here. As far as I know our media were not reporting anything this morning, and now we have these reports,"

according to the Kremlin website.

"If the current regime in Kiev really did use armed force against the country’s population, this is undoubtedly a serious crime against the people.

"I would like to remind you that even the legitimate President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, did not use armed force in the conflict in Kiev; he did not resort to force even though he had been elected and had the national mandate to rule the country, even though he was Commander in Chief.

"If the current rulers in Kiev have done it, this turns them into a sort of junta, a clique. First of all, they do not have a national mandate to do it. At best, they have some elements of legitimacy, and only in parliament. All the other authorities are illegitimate for one reason or another.

"If these people have moved on to a so-called acute phase, this is no acute phase, this is a punitive operation, and it will undoubtedly lead to consequences for the people who make such decisions, including repercussions in relations between our states.

"As for what the further developments will be, we will see. We will make decisions based on the actual events."