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Queen’s New York Times Threatens the Germans

May 6, 2014 (EIRNS)—The New York Times runs vitriolic threats today against those Germans who balk at war with Russia, under the headline "Why Germans Love Russia," and over the byline of Clemens Wergin, foreign editor of Die Welt. He says even former Chancellors Schroeder and Schmidt say "NATO and the European Union were the real aggressors, because they dared to expand into territory that belonged to Moswcow’s legitimate sphere of interest." It gets worse. The polls which show Germans opposing war "revealed how a shady network of Russia’s supporters has shaped public discourse in Germany. Even dialogue forums co-sponsored by the Russian and German governments are full of friends of Mr. Putin, even on the German side."

He even manages to smear war opponents with Nazism:

"For decades, Germany has tried to come to terms with its fascist past. And now, in another country, there comes a leader who is trying to stabilize his regime by pursuing aggression abroad on the grounds of ethnic nationalism. For anyone who has grappled with Germany’s past, this case should have been an easy call. It’s a test too many of my compatriots have failed...."

In reality, it’s the pro-American Germans who are leading the drive against London’s war policy, as any listing of those leaders would show immediately.