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Russia on Major Diplomatic Offensive To Stop War

May 7, 2014 (EIRNS)—Despite myriad provocations by Western government and the Nazi government in Ukraine, the Russian government is pursuing a consistent policy of trying to defuse tensions.

As this is written, May 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin has just completed discussions with a delegation of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Moscow, which resulted in what the OSCE is drafting as a “roadmap” to defuse the Ukraine crisis. Among the elements of the agreement currently being reported are Putin’s call for the referenda for autonomy in the south-eastern Ukrainian region to be postponed, in order to create the conditions for dialogue, and for “Ukraine’s military to halt all operations against pro-Russia activists who have seized government buildings and police stations across at least a dozen towns in eastern Ukraine.”

Some media report that Putin also suggested that the May 25 national elections be postponed until after constitutional reforms are adopted—the standing Russian policy. He also support German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call for a roundtable discussion between Kiev and the Southeast of Ukraine.

Denis Pushilin, a leader of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic, said his organization would discuss postponing the referendum, scheduled for May 11.

Meanwhile, the Russian government is on a non-stop offensive to counter the Western war propaganda campaign, which blames all the violence in Ukraine on the Russians. On May 4, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement asserting that there was a de facto “Information Blockade” in the West, which is covering up the readily available truths about such Kiev-backed atrocities such as the incineration of more than 40 anti-Kiev protestors in Odessa on May 3.

LaRouche’s political organization in the U.S. has declared a parallel effort to confront the liars in the press and the Obama Administration, who are covering for the Nazis in Ukraine—while pointing out forcefully that the impetus for the Ukraine “crisis” doesn’t come from any events on the ground in Ukraine, but from the British Empire, and its intention to crush Russia, if necessary by thermonuclear war.