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Russians Blast ‘Color Revolutions’ as Western Acts of War

June 12, 2014 (EIRNS)--Under the cover of so-called “color revolutions” and the “Arab Spring,” Barack Obama and other Western leaders and NGOs have pursued the Bush-Cheney policy of conducting warfare on behalf of the British Empire. This policy, enunciated by then British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999 in a speech in Chicago, and initiated following the British Empire/Saudi Arabia orchestrated 9/11 attacks on the United States, was explicitly denounced by Russian and Belarussian military speakers at the Moscow Security Conference on May 23.

Among those exposing such foreign-controlled attempts to overthrow governments under the initial cover of promoting democracy were Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, Vladimir Zarudnitsky, head of Operations for the Russian General Staff, and Belarusian Defense Minister Yury Zhadobin.

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies found the conference so important, that he posted 52 pages of his notes and the speakers’ PowerPoints, stressing: “What is critical is that the U.S. and Europe listen to what Russian military leaders and strategists are saying. These are not Russian views that the U.S. and Europe can ignore.”

Shoigu opened the conference by addressing the negative impact of color revolutions on international stability. He also read a message from President Putin, who made the point that Western strategy is creating a major international destabilization.

“It’s time to stop playing geopolitical games”—Putin said, according to Voice of Russia—“global instability is on the rise and it is now time to stop forcing someone’s methods and values on countries.”

“The process of development of a new polycentric system of international relations is proceeding with difficulty and is accompanied by an increase in global instability. We have not been able to make considerable headway in the formation of a union space of peace, security and stability in Europe and the Atlantic,” Putin said.

“The situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa remains tense, and serious risks are associated with the situation in Afghanistan.

“Obviously, modern challenges and threats make it necessary to stop the archaic logic of zero-sum geopolitical games, attempts to force your own methods and values on other peoples, including by color revolutions,” Putin concluded, according to Voice of Russia.

In a statement published in the current EIR, Lyndon LaRouche declared that Obama’s promotion of “color revolutions” amounts to an unconstitutional declaration of war, and thereby makes him immediately subject to impeachment.