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Former German Official Blasts NATO Preparations for War

June 12, 2014 (EIRNS)--In an extraordinarily blunt interview with the independent German journalist Ken Jepsen (also put on YouTube June 11), Willy Wimmer, longtime member of the Christian Democrats’ group in the Bundestag, and a former assistant defense minister in the 1980s, says if he watches all recent developments in Ukraine, he can only assume that all of that was NATO intention, although by luck, not all these intensions bore fruit—for example, the nuclear weapons arsenal of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Crimea was never threatened by the Maidan-inspired insurrectionists.

The sabotage of the Feb. 21 agreement that Steinmeier and Yanukovich signed in Kiev, was intentional, because these forces wanted to carry the flames from the Maidan to the rest of Ukraine. This arsoning along the soft underbelly of Russia has been going on for decades, it is being pursued by the Anglo-Saxons against the genuine interests of the continental Europeans, Wimmer charges.

Other remarks that Wimmer makes on Anglo-Saxon strategies after the fall of the Iron Curtain are also appropriate—although he wrongly presents the driving factor as in the United States, and the Brits just as the “poodles of the Americans,” and NATO being a conveyor belt for American world power designs. On the other hand, Wimmer identifies the British Empire as the main saboteur, when he likens the anti-Putin propaganda as a pre-war campaign today, to the anti-Kaiser Wilhelm propaganda on the eve of World war I; or, when saying that the OSCE and such forms of dialogue between East and West are being sabotaged, like the British Empire sabotaged the post-Napoleonic concept of peace in Europe, by keeping all of continental Europe always ready for war instead. NATO, that is the Anglo-Saxons, want Europe and Germany to be degraded to a total free-trade zone with no disturbing democracy; they want continental Europe to become a colony, with the TTIP implemented that would give U.S. law firms the final say over the governments in Europe even.

Unfortunately, the present German government is not showing resistance, so that Germany is no longer sovereign in core aspects. The government is not willing to do what it is obliged by the oath of office, namely to protect its citizens and industry against such things like the NSA spying. That undermines democracy and the law-state, and the respect of law in general, then. Chancellor Kohl, under whom Wimmer once served, was more sovereign; he also opposed a war in Yugoslavia; that was why he was toppled in late 1998.

All U.S. policies of the present go back to a conscious decision in the mid-1990s to stop dialogue and go for confrontation with Russia instead, and Europe as well as Asia is going to be made fit for war, a war that the Americans want to launch. If you stop all dialogue formats, only confrontation is left, and that leads to war—low-intensity ones to full war.