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Francis Boyle on the LaRouche Show: War Danger Necessitates ‘Slam-Dunk’ Impeachment of Obama

June 30 (EIRNS)—In an interview with The LaRouche Show radio program on June 28, constitutional scholar and renowned fight for human right Francis Boyle said that the danger of war on multiple fronts as a result of President Obama’s actions requires his immediate impeachment. This can and should be achieved immediately after Congress’s Fourth of July break, without the need for hearings, he said.

“Under the current dire circumstances, I don’t think we have time to deal with all the conduct that President Obama has engaged in that subverts the Constitution. We are in a very serious, dangerous, near-cataclysmic situation, both with respect to Russia over Ukraine, and then the disintegration of Iraq and Syria as states, setting off a general Middle East war that also could pull in Russia, and has already pulled in Iran.

“So, I would recommend for any member of the House of Representatives considering a bill of impeachment—and I am willing to serve as counsel free of charge to any member of the House ...—to consider a silver bullet approach to impeachment. I don’t believe we have time here for hearings, as happened with Nixon. World War III could break out very soon, at any time here, if Obama keeps moving the way he is.

“What I think we need are articles of impeachment that are clear-cut, slam-dunk, with no need for hearings. Indeed, there is a special procedure under the rules of the House of Representatives, that any member of the House can get up and simply impeach the President verbally on the floor of the House.”

The two “slam-dunk” issues he identified are:

  1. The unconstitutional war against Libya, which “violated the War Powers cause of the Constitution and the War Powers resolution of 1973.” There were already extensive hearings on this matter, he said, so we don’t need more hearings on that now.

  2. The murder of U.S. citizens. “Right now, Obama has ordered the murder of four United States citizens, whom we know of, and there is a fifth U.S. citizen on his murder list now.” This violates the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing that no one shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

Boyle also pointed out that Obama is also in violation of the War Powers resolution, for sending 300 Special Forces troops to Iraq, since “the War Powers resolution gets triggered whenever U.S. forces are sent ‘into the territory, airspace, or waters of a foreign nation while equipped for combat.’ And he is currently positioning them for combat.”

As for the possibility that impeachment in the Republican-controlled House would be voted down in the Democratic-controlled Senate, Boyle sressed that that is not a foregone conclusion. But in any case, the possibility of an impeachment trial in the Senate would “force Obama to back down ... it would chasten him, force him to cool his jets.”