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London Economist: Forget About Decrim; Go for Full Drug Legalization

July 1, 2014 (EIRNS)—The satanic Queen obviously isn’t satisfied that drug decriminalization is killing people quickly enough. The London Economist mouthpiece of her City of London financial oligarchs, proposes full-scale drug legalization, raving that "brave Uruguay, Colorado and Washington state" are the examples to follow. While the Economist is purportedly referring only to cannabis, there’s little doubt that legalization of all drugs is the goal.

"By legalizing cannabis from cultivation to retail, these places have snatched the industry away from crooks and given it to law-abiding entrepreneurs," this rag raves, echoing drug kingpin George Soros.

Since the "ruinously expensive, bloody ‘war on drugs’" has failed, it argues, it’s natural that countries like Jamaica, Portugal or those of West Africa are moving toward decriminalization. But these "half-measures" which "could be as dangerous as overdoses," should be abandoned, the Economist insists. As long as supplying drugs remains illegal, "the business will remain a criminal monopoly ... for the producer countries, going easy on drug-users while insisting that the product remain illegal is the worst of all worlds."

Decriminalization "makes sense only as a step toward legalization."