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North Korea Calls for a Federalist Reunification

July 7, 2014 (EIRNS)—Just days after the historic visit to South Korea by Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korea has officially proposed that North and South Korea meet to agree on a set of principles for reunification, based on federalism. The document released by the official North Korean news agency KCNA calls for Seoul and Pyongyang to jointly specify "reunification proposals by way of federation and confederation and make efforts to realize them and thus actively promote co-existence, co-prosperity and common interests."

The proposal calls for a system in which "differing ideologies and social systems exist." To implement this task, the D.P.R.K. authorities offer "to create the atmosphere favorable for reconciliation and unity, to end calumnies and vituperations," Tass reports.

Calls for reunification and talks have been issued from the North in the past, but the current situation is dramatically changed after Xi’s visit to Seoul, which came before Xi has visited Pyongyang. With both Russia and China now firmly committed to solving the North Korea problem through real development, in collaboration with South Korea (which is firmly resisting Obama’s effort to drag Seoul into a confrontation with China) and a guarantee of the North’s security against threats from the Empire, the North may be ready to join in real development, such as the rail and pipeline developments connecting Russia, China, and South Korea through the North.

The KCNA statement called for both North and South Korea to end "reckless hostility and confrontation," and to end the military exercises on both sides.