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Bob Graham Wants To Know Why Obama Won’t Release the 28 Pages

Sept. 1, 2014 (EIRNS)—Former Senator Bob Graham "is befuddled" as to why the Obama Administration won’t release the 28 pages that may expose how members of the Saudi royal family aided and abetted the 9/11 terrorists who were living in Florida prior to the September 2001 attacks, writes Miami Herald reporter Helen Aquirre Ferre in a column published Aug. 30.

"It isn’t credible that 19 people—most that could not speak English well and did not have experience in the United States—could carry out such a complicated task without external assistance,"

Graham told Ferre on her show on WPBT2 public television, aired Aug. 15. Ferre adds that

"Graham believes that there was a deliberate effort to cover up Saudi involvement in the tragedy of 9/11 by the Bush Administration, one, he says, that the Obama administration appears to support."

(In the Aug. 15 interview, Graham told Ferre that it is easier to understand the coverup by the Bush Administration, because of its close personal relations with the Saudis, but why the Obama Administration has continued this, Graham declared, "is an enigma." Graham went on to say that "There doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason — national security or otherwise — to keep this information from the American people.")

Ferre begins her column by writing about the foreigners, including a couple of Americans, who have joined terrorist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq; one of those had lived in Florida, as also had Mohammed Atta and others of the 9/11 terrorists. She notes that Americans have tremendous capacity to turn the page on events and forget what we have seen, but this is not the case with Graham, who has been fighting both the Bush and Obama Administrations to declassify the 28 pages "that may detail and expose the efforts of members of the Saudi Arabian royal family in aiding and abetting these terrorists in Florida, many who were themselves Saudi." She notes that the U.S.-Saudi relationship, which Graham calls "perfidious," is now shifting, and she asks:

"Given the suspicious Saudi link with 9/11 terrorists, why the United States did not rethink this alliance before? The American public needs to know. The families of those who were lost to the 9/11 attacks or those who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq deserve an answer as well."

Link to Aug. 15 interview: http://video.wpbt2.org/video/2365310648/