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Marina Silva: British Monarchy’s Anti-BRICS Candidate in Brazil

Sept. 3, 2014 (EIRNS)—The decrepit British Monarchy think they have come up with a strategy to pull Brazil out of the BRICS, re-impose the economic policies which have reduced Europe and the U.S. to rubble, and unleash a "colored revolution" that dismembers Brazil entirely. Out of the ashes of a still-unexplained plane crash which killed PSB Presidential candidate Eduardo Campos last month, the Monarchy succeeded in making the pet of Prince Philip’s WWF environmental hitsquad, Marina Silva, the presidential candidate of the PSB. Recent electoral polls would have it that Silva could come in first or second in the October first round of voting with current President Dilma Rousseff, and might win a second round runoff.

Were Silva to win, Brazil’s participation in the BRICS program would be finished. Former Environment Minister Silva was picked up years ago as a project of the British Monarchy. In October 2008, Prince Philip personally awarded Silva the Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal, for her work in turning over control of huge chunks of Brazil’s Amazon territory to the WWF and other private interests, with the WWF’s Amazon Region Protected Areas (ARPA) project. When the British government invited Silva to be one of eight torch bearers at the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo responded simply:

"Marina always had good relations with the royal houses of Europe and the European aristocracy. We can’t decide whom the Royal Family is going to invite..."

Silva’s other prominent base of support—besides conservative evangelicals, of which she is one—are Brazilian billionaires. After winning 19% of the vote in the 2010 presidential election on the Green Party ticket, with billionaire Guilherme Leal as her Vice Presidential partner, Leal’s close friend WWF-Brasil president Alvaro de Souza, heading up the campaign finance committee, and the head of Lord Rothschild’s Brazilinvest partners, Fernando Garnero, joining the Green Party for the campaign, Silva was handed over to billionaire Maria Alice Setubal, who helped set up the "Sustainability Network" [Rede Sustentabilidade] as the platform from which to inject her into the 2014 elections. In a recent (August 27) promo for Silva, Forbes singled out "Neca" Setubal, heiress of the family which owns Banco Itau, Brazil’s largest private bank, and coordinator of Silva’s current campaign, as a possible chief of staff or minister, should Silva win. They cited Setubal’s assurances that Silva "is surrounding herself with people who understand the markets and she is committed to gain the trust of the financial establishment."

Silva’s electoral platform promises to:

  • Pull Brazil out of the BRICS dynamic in favor of free trade accords with a dying U.S. and European system, and promises to get MERCOSUR (the Common Market of the South) to submit to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Return to the failed financial market economics of fiscal discipline, inflation targetting, a floating exchange rate, and strict Central Bank autonomy; set up an "independent" Fiscal Responsibility Council to oversee government spending; cut protection for domestic industry and rely on private interests (PPP’s) to build infrastructure.

  • Impose the British Crown’s green genocide with promotion of "low-carbon" agriculture, reduced consumption of fossil fuels, reliance on primitive biomass, biofuels solar, wind, wave, and geothermal power sources—no nuclear. When Silva found out after its August 28 release that her platform still contained the support for nuclear energy which had been included in the electoral program of her now-dead running mate, Campos, her campaign issued a "correction" within 24 hours removing all support for nuclear.

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