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Ebola: A Black Death Syndrome with a Huge Reservoir of Infected Human Beings

Oct. 13, 2014 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche’s own view of Ebola is that the world is now facing a "Black Death syndrome" like the disease in the 14th Century which cut entire populations in half. We have created the potential for this, by cutting back on medical science, eliminating hospital and public health capabilities, allowing poverty to spread and persist worldwide. "An evil oligarchical society, which wants population reduction, would use it." It would use it like it uses the medievalist terrorist organizations fostered by London policy and backed and funded by Saudi, Qatari, Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabist oligarchies.

Dr. Debra Hanania-Freeman echoed LaRouche’s view on the deadly seriousness of Ebola.

Freeman believes that Russian efforts to develop vaccines are serious and likely competent. The Canadians, she reports, also say they have six vaccines against Ebola. However, U.S. drug companies, such as Glaxo-Smith-Kline, see and want to make the Ebola crisis an opportunity to test their anti-viral drugs in Africa, which they would never be allowed to do in the United States. This is a real ethical problem, which must be faced squarely.

Freeman said the infected Texas nurse "blows away" the lie that it is very difficult to contract Ebola, especially in the U.S. What is being done is not sufficient; it is not easy to distinguish Ebola, and every viral case must be seriously addressed. There is not a serious approach in the U.S., as can be seen from the "I’m not worried" attitude expressed by Obama and the medical establishment, who announced that there are 50 people, who are all reportedly health-care workers, who came in contact with the infected nurse and who are now under surveillance. What about all the patients they came in touch with? Those patients are not under surveillance, from all reports. And what about the non-patients the nurse came in touch with?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says health workers should wear masks and gloves, and congratulate themselves when this has occurred. But what kind of masks and gloves? Are they up to bio-hazard standards?

Everything about the way Ebola is spreading is not normal. When there is a large reservoir of infected people as in West Africa, it changes everything. There is no way to stop Ebola from spreading around the world with a reservoir of this size. To say it is unlikely to spread widely is nonsense.

There is no way to understand what has been allowed to occur from a competent public health policy standpoint.

Freeman pointed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s "Clean India" campaign as an effective preemptive move against the virus. Influenza viruses have spread historically from the Far East and the Near East; those are the routes of influenza epidemics. At present, Freeman has been told there are 500 Russian students under observation.