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Democrats Wiped Out for Failing to Impeach Obama

Nov. 4, 2014 (EIRNS)—The results of yesterday’s midterm elections in the United States were not surtprising: the Republicans regained the Senate, taking seven new seats (they needed six), including Iowa, North Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, Colorado, South Dakota, and Montana. There may be more, depending on expected run-off elections in a couple of states. The House also went further Republican, with 14 (and still counting) seats added to their majority. Obama’s coat-tails were so poisonous, that the Democrats even lost the gubernatorial race in the highly- Democratic state of Maryland.

A senior Washington intelligence source summarized the results as a de facto "political impeachment" of Obama, if not yet an actual legal impeachment.

Besides Democratic cowardice and insanity in refusing to break with Obama, House Speaker John Boehner’s strategy of protecting Obama from impeachment in order to wipe out the Democrats in these elections, also "succeeded"—if you want to call bringing the world to the edge of thermonuclear war and a financial blowout a "success."

Exit polls show the obvious: 60% of voters were angry or dissatisfied with Obama, and a similarly high percentage were also furious at the Republican Congress; 78% said that they were very or somewhat worried about the economy. But the most telling exit poll was reported by CBS: "half of voters believe the economy will be worse for the next generation." This idea that the future is going to be worse for the next generation, is about as un-American as you can get, and points to the deep current of pessimism that has taken over the country since the murder of JFK. Lyndon LaRouche commented on this poll: That is impossible, we cannot accept that; because if it were true, it would mean the extinction of our country and the human race.

The issue posed by the election is what happens next: Will the Congress (and population) finally move to oust Obama from office immediately? Two years of being a lame duck is unacceptable: that’s more than enough time for him to catapult the world into thermonuclear war, obliterate the world economy, and otherwise carry out the British Empire’s mandate.