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Nazi Paramilitary Leader Appointed Police Chief of Kiev

Nov. 9, 2014 (EIRNS)—Even pro-coup political groupings in Ukraine are sending out the alarm about the recent appointment of Nazi paramilitary leader Vadim Troyan, deputy commander of the Azov Battalion and reputed active member of the neo-nazi paramilitary organization Patriot of Ukraine, to become Chief of Police in Kiev. In their view, the appointment may make it impossible to sell the lie that accusations of the Nazi character of the current Kiev regime are simply "Russian propaganda."

The Azov Battalion has gained international notoriety, even within pro-coup publications in the West like the Washington Post and The New York Times, for its brutal Nazi tactics, especially in the Southeast. The battalion has the official blessing of Kiev, and was heavily relied on in the fighting in the Southeast.

In the words of Eurasianet.org:

"Many of the Azov Battalion members describe themselves as ultra-right Ukrainian nationalists. They proudly wear symbols and use slogans associated with neo-Nazis, such as black t-shirts with the Celtic cross. Football ultras have also joined the ranks of the battalion, which was founded by the National Social Assembly, a confederation of ultra-nationalist organizations, as well as Ukrainian groups that oppose alignment with the European Union and NATO. This far-right ideology is what continues to draw like-minded activists from Sweden, Italy, France, Italy, Canada and even Russia."

The heritage of these "nationalists" can be best understood in the profile done by EIR in its May 16, 2014 edition.

The Russian government has recently issued a call for an international investigation of the resurgence of fascism in Ukraine—an existential issue for the Russian government. The NATO governments have been caught red-handed supporting them, and unless they are stopped, will lead us straight to World War III.