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Gorbachev: The Push Toward a New Cold War Must Be Stopped

Dec. 1, 2014 (EIRNS)—Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, warned, in an interview with Tass, today, that the world is being pushed into a new Cold War and that this process must be stopped. "Fences are being built around us, which push towards an anti-Russian way. Even Germany which after reunification presented itself very well and called for renovation, is now just on the brink of a split. And now nothing takes place without the presence and a push from America," he said. "Now the signs of cold war have again emerged. This whole process may and needs to be stopped." He noted that the process of escalation was stopped in the 1980’s, a period during which conditions were "harsher" than they are now and so it can be done, today. Gorbachev praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for taking steps to defend Russia, but, he stressed, that is not the task for today. "The signs of a new cold war have emerged and all this process needs to be stopped," he said.

As for how it can be stopped, "There will be people who have the courage to stop this and start building a new world order that would answer the challenges that the world community is facing," and that he is willing to be a part of this process, Gorbachev said, and it needs to be launched in Europe. "Europe may have a very positive influence. It still needs to become an engine for building a new world. And now it is being pushed in a different direction," he said, and he expressed confidence that the US and Russia can return to the starting point of the dialogue that began with the end of the Cold War 25 years ago.