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Nuland File: The ‘Maidan’ Philosophy of Government Is the Same as Colonel Blimp’s

Dec. 10, 2014 (EIRNS)—Some of Victoria Nuland’s foot soldiers, Nazi Right Sector and otherwise, came to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, Dec. 10, to celebrate "Maidan One Year Later." In a forum, they were put through their paces by one of their controllers, NED senior figure Nadia Diuk, in a dialogue with a series of softball questions that would insult a softball.

When an EIR representative, with the "last question," denounced State Department Europe chief and Dick Cheney protege Victoria Nuland, and asked them to dissociate themselves from Nuland, Diuk said, "Oh, then we’ll have to take another question — no one here can speak on whether Victoria Nuland should be in her position." And no one did.

After the formal proceeding, the following dialogue took place between an EIR representative and Serhiy Leshchenko, "Kyiv-based investigative journalist, blogger and press freedom activist elected to Parliament in November," according to the NED program. Mr. Leshchenko is an "anti-corruption journalist," according to his own statement, and now a member of President Petro Poroshenko’s bloc in the Rada. He had earlier joked to the NED/State Department audience, "Maybe some of you will like to come and be in the government of Ukraine."

EIR: Your joke about more Americans in Ukraine government positions was shocking. You say you are an anti-corruption journalist. You know very well that when Harvard experts become finance ministers in South America and Brits become finance ministers in the Gulf, it is in order to control those countries from London and New York...

Leshchenko: You evidently don’t know that we have already done this, we have just appointed an American...

EIR: I know that—that is what I’m arguing with you about. This is corruption, corrupt control of Ukraine’s government by officials forwarded by Victoria Nuland and the American Embassy. You’re saying that this is corruption that you like, and so you support this corruption?

Diuk (interrupting): Please—Serhiy, we are taking a picture now.

Leshchenko: Listen, what you don’t understand is that there are not Ukrainians you can trust with these important cabinet positions — they are corrupt, they are all corrupt, or they are ignorant.

EIR: So you mean you think that Americans and Latvians and Lithuanians should hold all the major government positions in Kiev?

Leshchenko: That would be one good approach.