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Insane Scenario for a Nuclear Provocation in Eastern Ukraine Exposed in Russia

Dec. 22, 2014 (EIRNS)—While NATO Secretary General Breedlove and others have been denouncing Russia for allegedly building up its nuclear and dual-capable weapons presence in Crimea, Russian and Ukrainian Internet blogs are abuzz with a blood-curdling scenario of a nuclear provocation in the region. On Dec. 9, influential Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda and Oleg Tsaryov, speaker of the Novorossiya Unity Parliament of the self-proclaimed peoples republics of Donestsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, in a Facebook post, reported a scenario making the rounds of intelligence circles, in which Kiev forces would detonate a nuclear warhead, possibly during battles over the Donetsk Airport, and blame it on Russia.

Needless to say, blaming Russia would be the least of the bad outcomes of such a provocation, which could lead to the thermonuclear extinction of mankind. Both Delyagin and Tsaryov cautioned that the scenario was not confirmed, but warned that it was entirely credible, given the track record of the coup-installed Kiev regime. The latter has repeatedly staged provocations, such as the faked kidnapping and beating of Maidan demonstrators last winter and, as many in Russia and Malaysia believe, the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in July, to advance its agenda. Lyndon LaRouche has warned that Moscow is well aware that the fascists in Kiev are being deployed by the bankrupt Trans-Atlantic financial and political oligarchy, to impose its desperate agenda of a showdown with Russia.

Tsaryov wrote that he was making his post, in hopes of helping to deter the plan. He listed an array of statements, building the atmosphere for such a provocation:

  • Former Kiev Defense Minister Valeri Heletey has cited alleged intelligence reports that Russia was threatening, through private channels, that they are prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons against us. In late September, Heletey even claimed that this had already happened in Lugansk, but soon after that he was fired.

  • On Sept. 19, anti-Putin think-tanker Andrei Piontkovsky said, while visiting Lithuania, that Putin will use nuclear blackmail, counting on the West trembling and backing down.

  • October and November articles in the Ukrainian and U.S. press by Russian liberal opposition figures Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Garry Kasparov repeated the litany about unofficial Russian threats to nuke Ukraine, with Kasparov complaining that NATO was not sufficiently prepared for this.