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Growing International Movement To Release 28 Pages

Jan. 15, 2015 (EIRNS)—The coincidence of the bold Capitol Hill press conference of Jan. 7, in which two sitting Congressmen, family members of the 9/11 victims, and former Sen. Bob Graham demanded the release of 28 suppressed pages of the 9/11 Inquiry which deal with the funding of that atrocity, and the massacre in Paris by alleged jihadists the same day, has sparked a growing international movement to expose the funding of such terrorism by Saudi Arabia. Congressmen Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch have reintroduced their bill urging President Obama declassify the pages (H. Res. 14.).

As of this writing, major news outlets internationally—including Russia Today and China’s Global Times—have covered the press conference, including the additional featured element, raised by EIR editor Jeffrey Steinberg in his webcast statements Jan. 9, of the British complicity with the Saudi Kingdom. (See January 16 EIR) Network TV and widely read Internet publications, such as the Daily Beast, have provided extensive coverage in the United States.

Coming to the fore in the political discourse in the U.S. and now Europe, led by France, is the question of who funds and creates this terrorist network, which has grown to a threatening level. This approach, as EIR has insisted, since its famous memo to the State Department in January 2000 documenting why Great Britain should be classified as a state sponsor of terrorism, stands in contrast to that of the police-state crackdown which characterized the Bush Administration approach to 9/11.

The release of the 28 pages will shine a light on the funding network—and remove the political impunity Saudi Arabia (and its allies) have enjoyed. As Senator Graham asked journalist Eleanor Clift after the press conference, “If Paris isn’t a turning point in our passivity toward the role the Saudis have played, what will it take?”