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German Extremism Expert: Washington Uses Blackwater in Ukraine for a ‘Military Solution’

Jan. 25, 2015 (EIRNS)—For the first time, a prominent German voice has come out against the pro-Nazi statements made in Berlin recently by Ukraine Prime Minister Yatzenyuk. Longtime Die Zeit correspondent and advisor to German government agencies on Islamic extremism Michael Luders told Phoenix TV on Jan. 20 that Yatzenyuk’s statement in Berlin, that Germany and Ukraine were victims of Soviet aggression in World War II, is not acceptable.

Luders noted that governments in Europe are coming to realize that their interests are not the same as the regime in Washington. Germany has already lost around EU40 billion in trade with Russia. "The EU states and particularly Germany must speak openly" with the U.S. that they are "not willing to see a war happen in the middle of Europe."

He noted that Russia is reacting to the pressure coming from the West by strengthening cooperation with China, Turkey, Iran, and India, and "we in the West are going to pay the price," particularly German taxpayers.

Luders went on to charge that there are 500 mercenaries from the former Blackwater firm on the ground in Ukraine. "The Ukraine government is determined to solve the problem militarily ... and one must presume that it didn’t make this decision alone," as the government is bankrupt and has no financial or military resources of its own for an offensive. "The Europeans are not excited about this development." There have been contacts between the regime in Kiev with Washington, and in Ukraine "there are 500 mercenaries of the Blackwater organization which has been renamed in the meantime."