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Victoria Nuland Is Confronted for Backing Nazis in Ukraine

Feb. 12, 2015 (EIRNS)—Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, ducked out early from a Ukraine event today in Washington, D.C., and ducked a question on her supporting a Nazi government in Kiev. Nuland was the lead speaker at a Wilson Center event this afternoon, "Ukrainian Democracy After the Maidan: Threats and Opportunities." She confined her remarks almost entirely to praise for the event’s honoree, Ukrainian journalist and parliamentarian, Mustafa Nayyem, recipient of a "Democracy Award," and thereupon almost immediately left the room, avoiding any interaction with the 100-plus audience, the nine other speakers. and three ambassadors (from Romania and Ukraine, and the U.S. envoy to Slovakia).

In the hallway, amidst a small gaggle of reporters, EIR's Paul Gallagher confronted Nuland on the Nazi pedigree of the Kiev government she intervened to install. Gallagher first brought up Prime Minister Yatsenyuk’s remark in Europe, about how it was Russia which invaded Ukraine and Germany in World War II; Gallagher pointed out, that this kind of talk is "Hitler, not history." Gallagher then asked Nuland directly, "Have you raised up a Nazi government here?"

Nuland’s response, in effect, was, ’we’re not speaking to press,’ and she and her entourage practically mowed down Gallagher and the two or three other journalists who had heard his question.

Nuland’s fellow speaker was Wilson Center president Jane Harman, who introduced Nuland. Harman said that she and Nuland both had met with Angela Merkel when she was in Washington recently, and they backed getting negotiations over Ukraine to take place. Harman said, that many support the policy that "defensive weapons" should be supplied to Ukraine. But many scholars, "including those here" (at the Wilson Center, and in the audience) and at the Kennan Institute, a sponsor of the event, think that this is "counter-productive." Harman said, speaking critically, that it is now key for the fighting to stop, and for Poroshenko to implement reforms.

Harman called Nuland the "key architect of the U.S. Ukraine policy," and praised her "brilliant husband," Robert Kagan, the notorious warmongerer.

Nuland, other than confining her remarks to the award winner, said "we welcome" the new agreement.