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Who Carried Out the Maidan Massacre of February 20, 2014?

Feb. 16, 2105 (EIRNS)—Almost one year after the Feb. 20 massacre on the Maidan, which was blamed on former Ukrainian President Yanukovych and used as an excuse for him having to be removed by the coup, more evidence is surfacing that, not only was the violence begun by unknown snipers, but that those snipers may well have been deployed by the then-Maidan commandant Andriy Parubiy.

Parubiy, who founded one of the major components of the fascist Right Sector, and is now first deputy speaker of the Supreme Rada, is coming to the United States this week. He told Ukraine TV Channel 5 on Feb. 14 that he is going "to get the United States to give us highly precise modern weaponry." Thus it is important that a new BBC source interview is linking him to creating the Feb. 20 massacre which led to NATO "regime change" in Kiev.

Accusations of a "third force" carrying out the shootings, of both the police and the Maidan protesters, surfaced shortly after the Kiev coup. A tape of discussions between Estonian Foreign Minister Paets and then-EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton surface in early March, in which Paets revealed that Ukrainian sources told him all the evidence showed that snipers were deployed by both sides in the bloody event.

EIR’s sources in Ukraine particularly pointed to reports that the sniper fire against the Berkut (military police) came from the Conservatory, which was the headquarters of the forces controlled by Parubiy.

Despite promises, no investigation of these charges was ever done, or completed.

In an investigative report released Feb. 11, under the title "The untold story of the Maidan massacre," Gabriel Gatehouse of BBC News magazine does not reference the Paets-Ashton report, but rather interviews a person who says he was hired as one of the shooters who began the carnage, shooting at Berkut policemen from the Conservatory building. where (Parubiy’s) Maidan Self-Defense forces were then headquartered.

It was after he spent 20 minutes, alongside a second gunman, firing at the police, that the Berkut began firing back at the protesters.

Gatehouse says his source’s report is partially corroborated by other witnesses, including an MP linked to the Maidan movement, who told Gatehouse that the head of the riot police called him to complain his men were being shot at from the Conservatory building, controlled by Parubiy.

Parubiy has of course accused Russia of hiring snipers to launch the bloodbath. And the governments which deposed Yanukovych, of which Parubiy has been a part, have never made any effort to investigate any other possibility.